90 minutes

What is included in the show program:

Shower with a girl
Wellness part of the program (optional)
Erotic part of the program (unlimited pleasure)

Do you think that pleasure cannot be endless? This is not so, 90 minutes of incessant ecstasy will be presented to you by our girls-masseuses who know how to please men without intercourse, but the power of the impression will be many times stronger than from an ordinary intimate meeting.

Who do you want to spend this time with? With a passionate brunette, a charming blonde, a mysterious oriental beauty or a groovy red-headed gig? It's up to you to decide, but most importantly, each of them will give you an ocean of pleasure that will last for an entire infinity.

A shower with a girl is already a pleasant surprise. Everyone would like to be in a situation where, through the hot steam, you see shiny lips, wet hair and the exciting forms of her body in front of you. Her hands give you caresses, plunging you into bliss, from which you don't want to return.

For complete relaxation, the girl can make you a Thai program using aromatic oil, so that you are full of energy, as the pleasure will last forever, as we promised. The program of feet and legs, your back, every corner of the body will experience the touch of a beauty's hands. Her body will touch you, exciting the most explicit pictures in your mind.

An intimate program for men can include the use of intimate toys if you want more thrills than just touching a girl's body to yours. ...

You never guessed how exciting and erotic it is, but your body will speak for itself how good it felt in the hands of a girl. It is impossible to deceive it, it will respond to every touch with violent emotions that will allow you to disconnect from pressing problems and regain your courage and taste for pleasure.

5300 ₽
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