180 minutes

What is included in the show program:
During this show program, the salon works only for you! The salon opens its doors to the most demanding status holders who are fluent in the art of enjoying life. A program for the elite that emphasizes your status. You are successful, knowing the value of your pleasure, we have prepared a program just for you. You will spend your time with special glamor. Our girls create a special atmosphere, namely the atmosphere of an elite men's club. You are surrounded by two delightful divas who fulfill all your desires. They surround you with affection, tenderness, attention.

The show program was compiled with the participation of a sexologist and a specialist in tantra techniques. The girls underwent special training.

Show-program for the most insatiable and uncompromising, for those who want everything at once! You can choose any chips and accents from those that seem to you the most unusual and delightful. Your every wish will be fulfilled, any whim will be satisfied. The impressions received will bring many new colors into your life, make you look at the world around you differently, feel completely different feelings. You can confidently say about this show program that you are “the main actor, screenwriter and director” in it. Everything in this sensual and exciting performance is subordinated to your desire and your dream. You yourself choose accents and chips, you yourself determine the duration of the health-improving and erotic component.

29999 ₽
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