The mystery of passion
60 minutes

What is included in the show program:
There is nothing more perfect in its beauty than a woman's body. You can endlessly admire a naked woman, and two naked girls, whose bodies are intertwined in any passionate game, is a pleasure that not every man can experience. If you have repeatedly drew these pictures in your head and imagined yourself to be a direct participant in the events, then the Rasputin men's salon gives every man the opportunity to touch his dream.

1. Shower with girls
2. "Candid lesbian show" with erotic toys
3. Erotic part of the program with two girls
4. Tea ceremony

Erotic pleasure in captivity of two beauties
Two beautiful girls will meet you in the shower, where you will surrender to the will of their gentle and skillful hands, covering your body with light touches. But girls love to caress not only you, but also themselves. The exciting striptease turns into a peepshow, in which you can also take part. Intimate toys and mutual caresses of beautiful girls will lead you into a state of excitement, which you can throw out, freeing yourself from a huge load of accumulated problems.

Girls will help you with this, they will please you and yourself. You will be amazed at your body, which responds to every touch of the fingers of two beauties. Touching the buttocks and simultaneously massaging the legs using the signature massage oil is both relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

10000 ₽
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