60 minutes

What is included in the show program:

Shower with a girl
Wellness part of the program using talcum powder or branded oil
Erotic part of the program
Lingam stimulation
Tea ceremony

There is nothing more pleasant than getting relaxation and pleasure from a beautiful girl who will caress your body for an hour and give pleasure. The erotic program "Tenderness" is an opportunity to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, to relax in the company of a beauty, to have pleasure, to relax in body and soul, to increase your male potential, which requires nourishment, like everything in our body.

A pleasant shower ceremony is a foreplay, after which the girl will help you to relax. The best way to do this is the Thai program.

Lying on your back, you can once again rise to the wave of pleasure when the craftswoman will make you a lingam program using her signature massage oil. This is a sacrament owned by the sexy masters of our salon. The effect of the lingam program cannot be compared with any pleasure that you have ever experienced on this earth. This is an ancient ritual, rooted in the depths of the centuries, when a girl with only one strokes brings a man to inexpressible pleasure.

This is a pleasure that will turn your whole life and fill you with masculine energy and a layer. Thanks to this, you can solve most of the problems that tormented you before you came to the best salon. At the end of the program, a tea ceremony awaits you, you can enjoy the company of the sorceress for some time.

The feeling of tenderness, warmth and the pleasure that the craftswoman brought you during your communication will stay with you for a long time, filling you with energy and masculine strength. Now you know the place where they are always waiting for you and ready to give you tenderness and endless pleasure.

4200 ₽
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